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IL BORGO SRL started its activity in 2009 with the restructuring and conversion of the former municipal social center in the current complex of "Le Cupolette Rosse" and subsequently with the transformation of the former elementary school. At the moment he is the owner of the management and continuous improvement of the Albergo Diffuso Montedoro system with the aim of always reaching a greater number of interesting visitors to the landscapes, culture and attractions of a small country which, thanks also to the presence of the astronomical and anthropological park, it wants to intrigue travelers from all over the world.


The diffused hotel represents the receptive modality that better integrates with the territory and the typicality of a small country like ours. In particular, our guests have the opportunity to stay in typical houses such as Dammusi renovated with characteristics suitable to make modern holiday homes or even have the possibility to stay in hotel-type rooms built inside the former elementary school now disused for several years . These residences allow visitors to interact with the places, ways of life and architecture typical of a country in the Sicilian hinterland, but also to take advantage of adequate services for tourism. In fact the Albergo Diffuso Montedoro has several lodgings within 300 meters from the pool restaurant and bar "the red cupolas": a common area that, in addition to acting as a reception for the widespread receptivity system, provides all guests with the services of catering and entertainment.



Arch. Davide Calogero Petix

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