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Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory

2h / 8 euro

The Montedoro Astronomical Observatory, with its important telescope, in combination with the Planetarium offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a privileged point of view towards the immensity of the universe. The breathtaking landscape visible from the Urban Park at night opens up to space and its mysteries. Guided tours all year by reservation.

Reservations: +39 345 424 3223,,


Sulfur Museum

1,5h / 4 euro

The history of Montedoro begins in rural Sicily in the seventeenth century, but it was characterized by the imprint, often imbued with suffering, left by the nineteenth-century economy linked to the extraction of sulfur. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, central-southern Sicily underwent profound social and economic transformations: a new business was born and in every district, where there were clues, a solfara opened up.

Reservations: +39 345 424 3223,,

Casa Museo.jpg

Houses Museum

1,5h / 4 euro

The typical house of the poor peasant and miner was composed of a single room called "dammuso". All the essential functions of life at that time were incorporated into this unique environment that served as a dwelling, shelter for animals, storage for straw and agricultural tools.

Reservations: +39 345 424 3223,,


The Church of Maria Santissima del Rosario

XVII Century

The only church in Montedoro was built in the seventeenth century, after the founding of the country in 1635 by Baron Don Diego Aragona Tagliavia Cortes and dedicated to the Madonna Del Rosario. The various historical events, including the disruptions caused by the excavation of sulfur in the nineteenth century, have led to various changes over time up to the current architectural configuration: the church is accessed by a large staircase made of lava stone slabs, which lead to the large door decorated with bronze bas-reliefs. The longitudinal plan with a single nave with a barrel vault, has a semicircular apse adorned with polychrome relief stuccoes.


Piazza Umberto I - Piazza Europa

Main squares of the town

The foundation of Montedoro in 1635, the small town in the Sicilian hinterland, was composed mostly of a few houses and rural warehouses around the large square overlooked by the baronial palace and the Mother Church. Although it is a country essentially linked to the agricultural and repopulation policies of the time, the intentions of the founders and the first inhabitants to connect the square with the surrounding landscape and above all with the system of streets that surround it (the so-called path) are evident. of the Via dei Santi) which for centuries has been the background and container for the social and religious life of the community.


Park with the open-sky sculpture museum

Villa Comunale

On the highest part of the hill on which Montedoro stands is the Villa Comunale "Meizieu", a public park with numerous flower beds, spaces for recreation and an amphitheater active all summer. Besides being one of the main places for enjoying the view towards the Vallone surrounded by the mountainous reliefs of Central Sicily, the Villa Comunale contains the most conspicuous part of the numerous sculptures of contemporary art, created in the 90s by artists from all over the world , and which make up the Open Air Sculpture Park which involves many other public spaces in the country.


Swimming pool - summer

Spred Hotel Montedoro - Le Cupolette Rosse

For guests of the Albergo Diffuso Montedoro and for all those who want to refresh the days of summer vacations in Montedoro, the Restaurant Le Cupolette Rosse has a swimming pool with dedicated spaces for children and services for relaxation.



Views and walks

Montedoro is located in the center of the Vallone, the valley system between the Sicani Mountains, the Madonie and the hills on the border of the provinces of Caltanissetta and Agrigento. In particular from the summit of Mount Ottavio (where the Astronomical Observatory rises) it is possible to admire the splendid panorama on which the Rocca di Sutera and the Monte Cammarata stand out. The Urban Park which contains Monte Ottavio is full of views and opportunities for nature walks with areas equipped for picnics with friends.

Teatro Montedoro.jpg


Shows and events hall

Especially during the winter season the modern Cineteatro Comunale, with its architecturally intriguing appearance, is the venue for theatrical performances and is available for events and parties.

Museo della Zolfara
Casa museo
Piazza Europa
Villa Comunale
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