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Star Pizza

  • Guided tour of the Astronomical Observatory and the Planetarium of Montedoro.

  • Dinner at Le Cupolette Rosse (Chips, soft drinks, pizza round)

The simulation of the celestial vault and the viewing of full dome movies at the Planetarium introduces the visitor to astronomy and accompanies him towards the emotions of the universe, so that he can open himself to the subsequent observation of the night sky with the naked eye and with the optical instruments of the Astronomical Observatory.

duration: 1,5h + pizza dinner

price: 15 euro

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Montedoro Complete Tour 

  • Guided tour of the House Museum, the Zolfara Museum, the Astronomical Observatory, the Montedoro Planetarium

Montedoro can be the destination of a guided tour that can engage a group for a whole day. From the history of a 17th century town (peasant civilization, foundation and life in the Sicilian hinterland, peasant struggles, the Zolfare) you can start a journey that leads to the discovery of the stars that with their charm inspire reflection of the relationship between man and nature. The routes can be calibrated to the needs and times of the individual groups even including the overnight stay.

duration: 4h

price: 12 euro


Montedoro Tour

+ lunch or dinner

  • Guided tour of the House Museum, the Zolfara Museum, the Astronomical Observatory, the Montedoro Planetarium

  • Lunch or dinner at Le Cupolette Rosse restaurant

The guided tour of Montedoro and its attractions often includes evening activities at the Astronomical Observatory and for this reason it may be advisable to consume a meal in our accommodation facilities or even spend the night in order to be able to dedicate the right time to enjoy the tour in full relaxation.

duration: 4h + meal

price: from 25 euro


Half board stay

  • Overnight stay, breakfast and a meal of your choice.

The various proposals for accommodation in the apartments or rooms of the Albergo Diffuso Montedoro can be completed with breakfast and lunch or dinner at Le Cupolette Rosse. During the summer period the use of the swimming pool is included in the price.

Price: from 33€/person

Bus Passengers
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sitting in airport


  • Transfers to and from the airport

  • Trips around Sicily

Through agreements with local transport companies, we can offer transfer services to and from airports and stations on booking or organize guided tours throughout Sicily.

We prepare the offer based on distance and number of people

Giro Montedoro
Giro Mont + pranzo
Mezza pensione
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